White marble inlaid decorative pot

White marble inlaid decorative pot
It’s a designer round shaped marble pot with beautiful stone inlay art in an eye-catching and alluring floral motif that’s set with real and sparkling semi-precious gemstones.




SIZE : 2x2.5 inches
Material : white makrana marble,semiprecious stones
Marble Colour : white
No Of Stones : 200
Pattern : floral

Stones Used :


Handcrafted by a team of master artisans, this beautiful pot is worked in the same art and with the same raw materials that Taj Mahal, the most beautiful monument ever created, was built and adorned with. With this pretty as picture pot, you can actually take home a lovely work of a royal art patronized by the Great Mughals and used abundantly in their luxurious palaces and monuments for centuries.
At Taj Gallery, we are preserving the heritage art of Mughal inlay work and taking it to art lovers of the world in its most authentic and most beautiful form. This dazzling pot is a perfect example.


It can be used as a show piece to increase the beauty of your place. It can also be used as a flower pot or it can be a very pretty and exclusive gift for your loved ones.

Why Taj Gallery


Our Factory Workers
(Agra Work Shop)

If you are looking for a peerless piece of Mughal inlay art to bring elegance to your interiors, look no further than Taj Gallery. Here’s why you can trust us totally to bring you a truly beautiful and absolutely authentic Mughal inlay object d’art:

We are based in Agra, the city of Taj Mahal and the original home of Mughal inlay art. Our mission is to preserve and promote this beautiful art for generations to come. We have our own workshop where master craftsmen of this art create one-of-kind tabletops, trays, bowls, lamps, tiles, boxes and other such object d’ arts. These artisans are the direct descendants of those who built and adorned the Taj Mahal and these art skills have been passed down the generations from father to son. We use the best quality marble and genuine gemstones to create our Mughal inlay. No synthetics, no duplicates, only trusted and topmost quality. The workmanship on each and every piece that passes out of Taj Gallery’s portals is simply flawless and carefully checked to ensure highest quality. We have excellent logistics in place to ensure that your ordered piece reaches you safe, sound, and on time.

With us, you can be sure of getting a rare, exquisite and authentic work of Mughal inlay art that will become a family heirloom with time.