Our Story

Taj Gallery is the house of authentic and exquisite Mughal inlay artefacts handcrafted by master artisans.

Based in Agra, India, Taj Gallery brings the very same Mughal inlay art that adorns the Taj Mahal, the most exquisite monument ever built. We must add that Mughal inlay is a unique Indian art form that developed centuries ago under the patronage of the Mughal emperors and reached its zenith in the course of making the Taj Mahal.

Taj Gallery has been established with the vision to preserve this unique indigenous art form, to provide livelihood to the native craftsmen, and to promote it among the art lovers of the world. The artisans who create Mughal inlay objects d’art at Taj Gallery’s in-house workshop are actually the descendents of those who worked on the Taj Mahal centuries ago. They have learned the fine skills and techniques of this intricate art as a family legacy passed down the generations from father to son. In effect, when you take home a Mughal inlay artefact from Taj Gallery, you own an authentic piece created by a master specialist craftsman who has learned this art right from the cradle. Of course, your patronage also provides a sustainable livelihood to these artisans and their families, and helps us conserve this art form in its purest and most pristine form for generations to come.

At Taj Gallery, we ensure that every item that features on our selling portal is flawless and perfectly crafted. We invite you to browse through our wide range of artefacts, each one of which is an authentic Mughal inlay object d’art ready to make its way to your home.

One last word, wherever you are in the world, we will deliver your chosen item to your doorstep safe and sound.